Light Guide

Fiber Optic Light Guide

  • Original brand of the light guide with high efficiency light
  • Optical fiber lamp light source, you can use the optical fiber for the LED light source.
  • The lineup for image processing, for visual inspection, and the like for the spotlight, the various shapes and bundles diameter
  • Also compatible with custom-made products of special shape


Multi-component glass fiber

It is a fiber-optic light guide who bundled φ50μm diameter optical fiber of the optical glass material which is excellent in transparency of visible light. Heat-resistant, making it ideal for light guide for general visible light which is excellent in moisture resistance.

UV quartz fiber

Of quartz material which is excellent in ultraviolet transparency is the fiber-optic light guide. We are using the finest quartz fiber that has been developed for UV transmission, making it ideal for light guide application of the ultraviolet light source.

Plastic fiber

Using a high-purity polymethyl methacrylate resin which is excellent in transparency of visible light to the core material, it is an easy-to-use fiber-optic light guide at a low cost. Particularly excellent in flex resistance, on the other hand difficult to break, the heat resistance there is a flame.

Liquid fiber

The fiber optic light guides enclosing a non-toxic non-flammable liquid having excellent light permeability in the core material. Yes it sealed in the quartz glass, as compared with the multi-component glass material, etc., because it is excellent in ultraviolet transmittance, and is used for light guides for UV transmission.

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