Model : LA-HDF9020

Fiber Optic Light Guide For LED Light Source LA-HDF5010

We have expanded the lineup of LED light source device for optical fiber that has gotten popular. 
It is the brightness that is comparable to the mounted metal halide lamp a high-luminance LED. 
A replacement to the LED light source resulted in a significant reduction in power consumption effect, it is possible with high fast-acting power-saving measures.

  • It is the best the industry's top-class high-brightness white LED to replace from the adoption of conventional metal halide lamp light source. 
    About three times the amount of light of the 150W halogen light source (our ratio)
  • Outstanding cost performance 
    LED Features of the low power consumption and long-life light source device that takes advantage of. 
    You can simplify the maintenance work, such as lamp replacement, light source replaced.
  • The large unity diameter fiber We support the light guide until corresponding unity diameter φ20mm. 
    ※ light guide of the other manufacturer, are also available. 
    (Using the optional light guide adapter)
  • Equipped with various protection circuit corresponding to the signal output of the abnormal overheating protection, overcurrent protection, LED temperature anomaly, LED abnormal
  • Also it can smoothly replace the 8-bit digital dimming function as standard Panasonic metal halide light source that is compatible with the I / O specifications.
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