Light Sources


These external units provide illumination which is transmitted to the viewing instrument by a light guide cable, and then through the scope via the integral fiber bundle to the viewing tip.

  • UHP
  • Metal Halide
  • LED

           - LED Light Source ILD-2

           - LED Light Source ILD-3

           - ILD-C

           - Connecting Scope Adaptors for ILD-2 and ILD-3

           - Belt Clip and ILD-2 Holster

  • UV

  • UHP.jpg
    UHP High Intensity Light Source ILP-2 Bright and compactThe ILP-2 light source has been specifically designed for large void inspections. Incorporating the latest UHP lamp technolo...

  • Metal Halide.jpg
    Metal-Halide High Intensity Light Source ILH-2A / ILH-2B With three times the intensity of its predecessor, this high-output light source is ideal for observing large spaces.

  • LED.jpg
    LED Light Source ILD-2 Directly competing with the high power halogen units in terms of brightness, but only using a fraction of the power - this light source provides a freedom of...

  • UV
    UV Light Source(Recommended models are available from our sales representatives) Powerful UV output makes it ideal for fluorescent testing.A common non-destructive testing (NDT) te...
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