Model : LA-HDF7010

Fiber Optic Light Guide For LED Light Source LA-HDF7010

  • Light intensity is comparable to 250W Metahara light source, about 1.3 times the LA-HDF5010 (our ratio)
  • Light Color: White Color temperature: 6500K
  • Replace the mounted 8-bit digital dimming the protection and alarm function of the external control functions and peace of mind was the target, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, LED temperature abnormal alarm, LED abnormality alarm
  • To prepare the company light guide adapter
  • Master, and it can be mounted the slave control function
  • High-speed camera for spot lighting
  • Image processing for the long line type light guide for the light source
  • Transmission light (quartz rod) illumination light source


  1. LED lamp ON / OFF function: external input and front switch 
  2. LED abnormal output: external output and the front indicator 
  3. Abnormal temperature output: external output and the front indicator
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