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Keyman Int. has contacted with HAYASHI WATCH-WORKS CO.,LTD. dealing with sophisticated lighting equipment for illumination and fiber optic illumination spotlight LA(Luminar ace).

  • High Intensity Cold Light Illumination Device (LUMINAR ACE)
  • Fiber (Light Guide)
  • Electric Driver (HI-MATIC)
  • Automatic alignment feeder (DYNA FEEDER)
  • Automatic screw alignment robot
  • Press works. (HDD suspension, watch parts, etc.)
  • Microscope CCD camera (SONY, TelI), Lens
  • Measuring microscope of semiconductor-related device. (UNION)
  • Water-proof tester for watches. (HAMRON TEC.)
  • Fiber scope (SUMITA)

  • LA-HDF7010_title.jpg
    LED light source device LA-HDF108AS LA-HDF108DS LA-HDF158ASLA-HDF15T LA-HDF5010LA-HDF9020 LA-HDF7010

  • LA-100USW.jpg
    Halogen Lamp Light Source Device LA-100USW - 100W Halogen light source LA-150UE - 150W Halogen light source LA-150CE - CE Compliant halogen light source LA-150FB...

  • HDR61WJ.jpg
    Stereoscopic Microscope for LED Lighting Series KDR6142C - Ring LED Lighting HDA-TW3A - Twin Arm LED Lighting SPA-3W - Spot Ace MiniHDR61WJ (With LP-210) - Ring LED LightingHDR61C...

  • SPA-10.jpg
    Visual inspection lens inspection for LED lighting SPA-10CD/ SPA-10CW/ SPA-10SD/ SPA-10SW - Spot Ace SPA-10SDZ/ SPA-10SWZ - Spot Ace zoom condensing type SPA-10SDP/ SPA-10SWP - Sp...

  • TOP.png
    fiber-optic light guide Light Guide Light Guide for Condensing Lens
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