NUCLeUS™ - SONY Smart Digital OR

NUCLeUS™ is designed to adapt and evolve to the demand of the new digital OR

Manage, share and store 4K/HD/SD, and 3D* video content across hospital networks and improve workflows

NUCLeUS™ is the scalable, future-proof and modality-neutral platform that streamlines the aggregation, management and distribution of video content, up to 4K resolution, across a hospitals' network.

Developed in consultation with leading surgeons, NUCLeUS guides clinical staff through the planning, recording and sharing of any type of video, still images and other patient-related data in the Operating Room, ICUs, Endoscopy Suites, or anywhere else in the hospital. The system can be applied in other spaces as well including Cath labs, pathology labs, classrooms and lecture halls, physician offices - anywhere across the hospital campus and beyond. Seamlessly linking devices, applications, video and most importantly, people, NUCLeUS focuses on hospital staff requirements and use cases - adding value to imaging workflows, enabling new possibilities and supporting decisions by all stakeholders. The focus is patient care.

The intuitive interface that is accessed via a touch screen, lets clinical staff route video from any source to any destination, display information on surgical monitors and large displays within the OR or send images elsewhere on site. Multiple video feeds from endoscopes, surgical microscopes, C-Arms, room cameras, ultrasound, and anaesthesia systems and other sources can be recorded simultaneously in any combination of formats and resolutions. NUCLeUS also offers simple video editing functions as a part of the workflow, with no need for external editing software or special skills.

NUCLeUS also gives surgeons the ability to share live video with their peers as well as other team physicians, doctors, staff and students. Captured content can be associated with other patient records stored centrally (on a secure basis) and accessed from anywhere across the hospital-wide IP-network for secondary use e.g. consultations, conferences and educational purposes.

* 3D is available in both Line by Line and Top and Bottom format in 4K/HD resolution.

Note: Image shown above represents Sony NUCLeUS™ software GUI displayed on a touch panel display that is manufactured by a 3rd party. Touch panel display is available for purchase from Sony.
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