About Us

Welcome to Keyman International Co.,Ltd.

We established on October 31, 1994. At the beginning, the company is an authorized dealer of SONY THAI CO.,LTD. to focus on carrying out the product line of Medical Field (Such as Cameras, Monitors, Printers and Printing Media). After that, in about 2000, we are a dealer of Sony Thai Co.,Ltd in products of Consumer (Such as Batteries, CD, DVD and Recorders)

1 Year afterwards, in 1995, the company has contacted with USHIO Inc., from Japan and BLV from Germany to be a Sole Agency of USHIO and BLV (Products Discontinued) brand which are focus on Halogen Lamp, UV Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp, Xenon Short Arc Lamps.

Furthermore, the company has contacted with HAYASHI WATCH-WORKS CO.,LTD. dealing with sophisticated lighting equipment for illumination and fiber optic illumination spotlight LA(Luminarace).

Last but not least, in 2000, we are an authorized dealer of OLYMPUS THAILAND which focusing on Industrial Field (Such as Videoscopes, Fiberscopes, Borescopes and Light Source).

We still keep going to providing a high quality of the products to satisfy customers' needs and improve ourselve to keep up with the world. 

  • 2015 Top Medical Device Solutions Sales Award

  • SONY Sales Achievement Award 2014

  • SONY Platinum Award Best Contribution FY13

  • SONY Medical Award FY12

  • SONY Best Contribution Award 2010

  • SONY Best Contribution Award 2010

  • SONY for Great Contribution to the Success of 2009 Medical/ Printer Sales

  • SONY Outstanding Medical & Printer Solution Award for Film Station Rental Project 2009

  • SONY Excellent Performance Award (Recording Media & Energy) 2008

  • SONY The best Medical Business Sales in Thailand in FY2007

  • USHIO Appreciation Award

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